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Wordpress Documentation

Following contains information on the Foundation Theme, created to run alongside its MediaWiki counterpart. For all intents I've created an "almost" seamless integration of Mediawiki and WordPress, the result being an effortless transition between sites. This will help to promote your brand and make it easier for clients and visitors to transition from one site to the other.

I run the Mediawiki on the main domain and Wordpress on a sub-domain. It's probably advisable that you do the same as installing Mediawiki on a sub-domain can be problematic.

Below is information on how to install, configure and use the Foundation theme.

What's included

The theme uses the same version of Bootstrap (4.4), and both FontAwesome 4.8 and 5. I've also included shortcodes that are included in the WordPress Classic (HTML) editor.

  1. Wordpress Installation
  2. Theme Installation
  3. Plugin Installation


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