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Page Notice

If you've decided to use PageNotice to create a custom footer for your wiki, this page describes how to set up, it's pretty simple, at least it will be for you!

So the extension works by providing a footer on a per namespace basis, so you'll maybe need to create 6 footers (perhaps more or less), it depends on how your wiki is setup.

Create the following pages;


These pages represent;

  • ns-0 Main Namespace
  • ns-1 Main Talk Namespace
  • ns-2 User Pages
  • ns-3 User Talk Pages
  • ns-4 Project Page (for this wiki it's Foundation: pages)
  • ns-5 Project Talk Pages

If it helps this is what I've used for this wiki's footer.

<hr />
<div class="card-body">
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<hr />
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The "To the Top" functionality is built into the extension, so it'll smooth scroll for you too.


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