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Our Services

Our Services

Join satisfied customers using our services.


Responsive, Minimalism

Having been in involved with Mediawiki development since 2014, and being a non-profit company you'll be hard-pressed to beat us on project quality and cost. We provide a range of services that enable businesses like yours to maintain a private online document repository. Clients invariably choose us to either set up the system and provide help, or manage their system entirely.

WordPress Themes

eCommerce, Magazine, Blog

Need a premium WordPress theme for your project? We've got you covered. With a huge selection of custom build designs, at a lower than market price cost. We're a favourite supplier to small businesses and start-ups.

Web Hosting

Free Name & SSL Certificate

We specialize in Mediawiki & WordPress hosting, using a separate server for each. Our hosting plans include a premium skin for Mediawiki and a premium theme for WordPress. We handle every aspect of setting your system, and for those clients that want eCommerce, we'll set this up too. Great value systems for businesses who want to success.


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